Central Middle School

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About Me

I am the SPED Para for 5th and 6th grade.  My job is to assist SPED teachers, in helping students learn according to their individual needs.  My goal is to help students become more confident in their work, understand the material,  and be comfortable asking questions.    
Homeroom     -  8:10-8:15      (5th grade Science)
First Hour       -  8:15-9:05      (5th grade Science)
Second Hour  -  9:08-9:58      (5th grade Science)
Third Hour      -10:01-10:51    (5th grade Science)
Fourth Hour    - 10:54-12:14  (5th grade Science)
Fifth Hour       - 12:17-1:07     (5th grade Science)
Sixth Hour      -  1:10-2:00      (Planning Period)
Seventh Hour -  2:03-3:10      (Planning Period)