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Ms. Pickney's Class

Course Description

This year we will be using the GO! Math Series. This series has been separated into chapters, therefore students will be given a book per chapter and the textbooks are consumable; students are allowed to write in the books. However, students are required to bring the current chapter book to class each day. Along with the current textbook, they should also have a 5-subject notebook that they will be required to bring to class daily, as well as a pencil to write. 

There are several online resources that are available for at home use such as: thinkcentral.com and eagle.com. A username and password will be created and issued to each student within the next few weeks. There will also be assignments that MUST be completed online from time to time for a participation grade.



Weekly Homework Assignments

Homework will be checked on the next day after assigned. Students will start each 9- week period with 100 homework points. Each time homework is checked and it is incomplete (wrong page, not all problems done, no work shown, forgotten at home, not done at all) 5 points will be deducted from the student's homework grade for that 9- week grading period. Even though written homework will not be assigned every night, students should still study Chapter vocabulary nightly (as it will be assessed). 

Week of April 23, 2018


Monday - Lesson 11.1

Tuesday -  Lesson 11.2

Wednesday-  Lesson 11.3

Thursday- Lesson 11.4

Friday -  Skills practice week 12 assessment & lessons 11.1-11.4 quiz



Monday- Sills practice week 12 day 1 &  pages 641-642

Tuesday-Sills practice week 12 day 2 & pages 647-648

Wednesday- Sills practice week 12 day 3 & pages 653-654

Thursday - Sills practice week 12 day 4 & 659-660/ prepare for quiz

Friday- No Homework

 Contact information

My planning period each day is from 12: 17 - 1:07.  Please contact the school at (337) 457-5895 to schedule a conference. I can also be reached via email at cmp5131@slp.k12.la.us


It is a pleasure to teach your child.

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