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Mr. JEREMY THIBODEAUX » Mr. Thibodeaux's Class

Mr. Thibodeaux's Class

Class Rules:
#1 = LISTEN!
In order to have a safe & effective learning environment, we have to pay attention to important announcements & information.
Rule #76=No excuse; play like a champion!
Be honest with yourself & with your teacher. If you need help, we will help you, but there's no excuse for not putting forth effort. Don't make excuses; make improvements!
Golden Rule=Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Respect is earned. Respect yourself & you will earn the respect of others. Keep your area clean & obey the rules of your school.

...When a assignment/test is missed, make up's are available on the following test day, during computer lab time, or special arrangements can be made by the student.

I try to plan my Social Studies Test for Tuesdays, but students are given quizzes periodically.  
For HomeWork, students need to study/review their class notes.  
March 21st Update:  Students will take their test on Africa tomorrow.  We will start our LEAP Prep soon.      
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