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CMS Casual Dress Guidelines

CMS Casual Dress Guidelines
  • Belts (any color) MUST be worn and will be checked in homeroom. 
  • Skirts MUST be at the knee or below. 
  • Blue jeans may be worn on casual days and they MUST NOT HAVE HOLES whether it is from the manufacturer or not!
  • No halters or exposed midriff. 
  • The only shorts allowed are UNIFORM SHORTS on casual days for both girls and boys. 
  • No inappropriate writing on T-shirts
  • You MUST be neatly groomed - no sagging. 
  • No hairstyle violations. (See CMS Dress Code/Grooming)
  • Blouses/shirts for girls MUST have at least "cap" sleeves. No tank tops allowed for boys/girls. 
  • Clothes (i.e. pants, shorts, etc.) cannot have holes in them. 
  • If in doubt, the answer is NO!
  • Athletic suits/jogging suits (long pants) are permitted on casual days.
  • If caps are allowed on casual dress day, there can be no inappropriate writing on them but must be removed in the cafeteria.
  • Proper enclosed shoes are to be worn at all times, even during casual dress.