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Welcome to Ms. Dupre's page!  I teach math (6th grade).  
Homework:  While I encourage students to review the notes and examples we do each day, I do give a small amount of homework each night.  I try and give the students time to work on it in class so they can ask me questions as needed.  At CMS, we believe in quality work versus quantity.
Books:  Students have both a workbook and a textbook.  The textbook can also be accessed online at bigideasmath.com.  The students should have all of their log in info.  There you can find all the examples, extra problems, and review work to do to help with skills they may be having trouble with.
Tests:  Unless circumstances do not allow, my tests are generally on Friday.  Students are aware of tests dates as I tell them each day and it is on the board.  Students are generally give and hour and 15 minutes to take the test.  The tests are also geared towards the End of the Year test.
Behavior:  I encourage all my students to be respectful to one another.
Attendance:  Students can only miss 11 days unexcused.  Please make sure students bring in excuses as soon as possible.
Contact:  I generally respond to emails in 24 hours.  Our system does not always let me receive emails.  If I do not respond in a day, the email has not gone through.  Please send a note with your child or call the office and request that I call you back.