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CMS Dress Code/Grooming

The only body piercing jewelry girls will be allowed to wear is earrings. Body piercing jewelry and make-up is not allowed for males. Excess jewelry worn by both males or females or excessively worn make-up that distracts from the learning environment or poses a safety problem will not be allowed. Males may not have a mustache or facial hair. Hairstyles for both males and females that create problems of health and sanitation, obstruct vision, are an "unnatural hair color" (not naturally occurring on people) or excessively bleached or that distracts from the learning environment will not be allowed. The principal or his/her designee will determine this. Spiked hair - including Mohawks for both males and females - is not allowed. 
The following regulations apply to daily and special dress days unless specifically stated otherwise.
  • Tightly fitted and overly-loose fitting uniform bottoms are not allowed. The uniform  bottoms must be hemmed. Clothes must be free of holes. 
  • Male and female students may not wear "straws" in ears in lieu of jewelry. 
  • Hats, doo rags, wrap caps, etc. are prohibited. 
  • Combs and brushes are not to be visible. Rat tail combs/hair picks of any sort are NOT to be brought to school. These items will be confiscated and NOT returned. 
  • Students are prohibited from wearing T-shirts or other articles of clothing which display violence, profane or obscene language, gestures or inferences of profanity or advertisement of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or illegal substances. 
  • Undershirts must be plain with NOT WRITING showing through uniform shirt. Sweatbands, sunglasses, and slippers of any sort are strictly prohibited. 
  • Socks must be same color (not mix-matched). Shoe strings must be same color. Shoe laces must be laced and tied. No sandals, flip-flops, or open-toe/open-heel shoes allowed!
  • Spiked items cannot be worn (i.e. belts, wristlets, watches, bracelets, etc.)
  • Any current fashion/style/TREND deemed a distraction by the school's administration is strictly prohibited. 
  • All uniform shirts (male and female) must have 3 buttons and only the top button may remain unbuttoned. 
The principal - not uniform vendors - should address any questions about the dress code. Although it is impossible to anticipate all problems, distracting "fads," which disrupt the spirit, education, philosophy, or dignity of St. Landry Parish School System will be deemed unacceptable.